Ben Jerred

Artist and Teacher

Moons and Stars game pieces


An otherworldly strategy board game

OVER 300% overfunded on successful Kickstarter!

Once upon a time, Moons and Stars only existed in the imaginary world of Allfield.

Now one of Allfield’s most popular board games is available to play and is coming soon to a table near you!

Every part of the Moons and Stars game is handmade from natural materials in a primitive style by visual artist Ben Jerred.

If you are interested in getting your own Moons and Stars game even though the Kickstarter has ended, you may contact me at ben@benjerred.com - Once the Kickstarter pledges have been completed I will begin work on new orders.

Game in the Woods

Players ages 8 to 108 will love the fast-paced strategy and action, the quality of the natural materials, the mystery of the artistic style, and the price of this easy-to-learn game. They can even try the game themselves ahead of time, read the rules, or watch play-along videos!

Replayable fun and so many ways to play!

Gain victory by one of two paths: capturing all your opponent’s moons and stars, or reaching your opponent’s stone.

Each player’s 16 main game pieces are rolled like dice at the start, offering over 20,000 possible combinations of pieces!

Play on the rustic wood board with the campfire-hardened clay pieces and the stones from the shores of Lake Ontario-all kept safe in a hand-sewn canvas pouch.

Trap piece

Trap piece

Path piece

Path piece

Moon piece

Moon piece

Star piece

Star piece

Pit piece

Pit piece

Safe piece

Safe piece

Set traps and paths to change the way players can navigate their moons and stars across the board.

Position pits to capture players and protect your stone.

Station your safe areas where players can rest unharmed...

Choose from several unique deities that unlock bonus abilities and advantages!

Deities progress along the board notches when you capture pieces until their special ability is activated.

Read the full rules HERE

Fun for friends and family, casual and hardcore gamers!

Moons and Stars is a fun and original option of connecting with others for a little while and playing in a non-tech, no-screen kind of way.

The backers of this project have created an opportunity to make this game available to a special group of players - our Allfield family! They have allowed an independent artist to create positive and constructive games for player’s imaginations, strategic minds, and creative forces to grow.

And since this group is relatively small, backers are connecting and sharing with us all the time, and their feedback comes directly to us, directly from you. That makes you a key member of our Allfield family.

Moons and Stars was Crowd-Funded

Moons and Stars was created by Ben Jerred, developed by Jerred’s son, and brought to Kickstarter by Jerred’s wife and daughter.

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Community Discussion

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Game in Woods
Original Moons and Stars Gameboard

Original Board Design

Moons and Stars comes in two versions: Standard wood with three deity figures or Deluxe with a painted board and 6 deity figures. There is also an exclusive 7th deity figure with a powerful bonus ability. More deities and special ballits will be available in the near future...

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Original Moons and Stars Gameboard

Deluxe Board Design

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