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Allfield Tabletop RPG Card Game!

Posted at 10:28PM EST on 11/30/19

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Why play Allfield?

Most tabletop role playing games require extensive references and calculations, with only one person acting as a game manager who designs the overall experience.

However, Allfield acts very similar to how children play pretend with just enough structure to make it a storytelling game.

This creates an exciting and unpredictable world while providing creative freedom and collaboration to balance story ownership between all players.

Allfield Card Game Box Art

Overview of Game

ALLFIELD is a versatile collector card game where the deck is the world, and you decide what to do-alone or in teams, collaboratively or competitively.

Allfield is appropriate for people of all ages. It’s got loads of cuteness and fun things to do, but it’s also full of mysteries, weird monsters, and troublemakers. You and your team must rely on your quick thinking and imaginations.

• Connect with your team or turn against them

• You create, you choose-full freedom of direction

• Unpredictable adventure

• Clear and simple rules and roles

• Build worlds and characters that can persist from game to game

Preview Decks Available before full release

The preview deck is 60 full color cards in a simple tuck box locally printed and assembled. Available for $15! Full 300 card game, graphic novel, and musical soundtrack coming soon to Kickstarter.

Quick How-To 2-Parter

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Allfield Preview Deck of Cards with Box

Play an Allfield Preview Deck for $15.00!