Ben Jerred

Artist and Teacher

Handmade Font - $60

Posted at 10:28PM EST on 11/30/19

Preserve the handwriting of a loved one in the form of a usable font on your computer. Also handy for hobby or work projects.

What do I do?

Simply have the person whose handwriting you want to preserve write an uppercase and lowercase alphabet, numbers 0 through 9, and every type of punctuation you can think of. I will digitally create the rest by hand and send you the files.

Photo Fix - $5.00 per photo

Photos can be altered in brightness, contrast, color, and any wrinkles, rips or other damage can be repaired. I scan the actual photo and return it. The final product is in digital format.

Simple fix: Before

before picture of damaged photo

Simple fix: After

after picture of restored photo