Ben Jerred

Artist and Teacher

Art Pathways System

Posted at 10:28PM EST on 11/30/19

Art Pathways is a system I am developing to help students steer their own art education. They develop independence while receiving individualized and highly specific feedback. They participate in a fun point program that encourages them to act consistently.

Click here to view a slide presentation on the Pathways System, why I made it, and a bit about how it works so far.

Student Form


In development: a sign-in area online to check all the hard work and points you've earned, new project opportunities and all of your graded and ungraded project forms to review at any time.


195 to 250+ (and above) Level 4

130 to 194 (and above) Level 3

65 to 129 (and above) Level 2

0 to 64 (and above) Level 1